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Greetings and welcome all old an new alike to the website!! As it is Currently under construction please bear with us.


There is a more comprehensive set of rules in the guild Message board. However let me cover the four basic ones here.

1. Respect each other.  It's simple an basic we are a diverse group from multiple backgrounds, as long as we treat each other with respect and understanding, we should be able to work as a team without DRAMA

2. Language and Conduct  There are minors and children in this guild, along with their parents. So adult content and inappropriate Language are forbidden. (kid safe zone)

3. Guild Donations :  It takes work to build a guild, and an effort to acquire a siege slot: all contributions are welcomed.
The ones expected are your siege reward packages: Guild Stones, Guild rubies, and RUNES these are needed to grow the guild.

4.  HAVE FUN  seems simple?? you will find you have more fun when you can team. and your team will be more fun when you are matched. So Help each other where you can. Pass down  information skill etc. the faster your teammates reach their potential the faster we can run team events and instances.
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Guild Leadership

LadyRolan, Oct 13, 11 4:37 PM.
As you all are probably aware. There has been some recent changes. Some forced by life, others the usual aftermath of abandoning ship. IF We can get an Opportunity where Myst is on line, perhaps, the Leadership can be transferred to someone capable of helping the guild grow and blossom. Maybe those of you who are active have someone you would like to see in this position. your input in the matter is needed
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